Men’s Health Awareness Campaign Across Mayar Villages

December 21, 2017

Men’s Health Awareness Campaign Across Mayar Villages

Abu Dhabi – December 20, 2017: Mayar Facilities Management and Lifecare Hospital have recently organized a campaign to raise the awareness of men’s health to residents of Workers Village, Hirmas Al Saadiyat and Al Raha Village in which about 80 men over the age of 45 years attended the campaign lecture. It has focused on the diseases of masculinity and the importance of the early detection of prostate cancer within periodic campaigns continued for four days.

After the end of the lecture, complimentary clinical check-ups were conducted, which included tests on vital signs, BP Monitoring, urine specific gravity, RBS blood test as well as for prostate-specific antigen PSA, which is a sign of tumors of prostate cancer.

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