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We provide a wide scope of housekeeping and management services for different sectors, including room attendant services, janitorial services, yards and common area cleaning, office space and public area cleaning as well as labor villages. Our housekeeping teams are well trained in general cleaning as well as more complex applications requiring specialized equipment and best in class technology and tools. We also specialize in cleaning interiors facades, carpets, marble, elevators, escalators, water features and pools as well as intricate interior fittings such as chandeliers. Our cleaning methods are biodegradable, environment-friendly, and safe.

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Landscaping 1
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Our landscaping specialists are familiar with the weather, seasons and climate features of the Middle East; they likewise comprehend the land and its character- istics, a reality that enables them to fully evalu- ate customer necessities and exceed their ex- pectations when it comes to agriculture and landscaping. Our specialists handle wide range of landscaping, hardscaping and horticulture. They work on a wide scope of projects ranging from farms and nurseries to the finest facilities in the region.

Our gardening teams look after hedges, lawns, flower- beds and communal areas;they like wise ensure irrigation systems are working appropriately.

Hygiene &
Pest Control

Our solutions are structured with an end goal to keep spaces liberated from bugs while safeguarding your health and the environment. We use non-toxic and certified materials only. Our company and engineers are licensed and authorized to convey pest control services.

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Our waste management services are intended to limit environmental impact, lessen carbon impressions and expand recycling opportunities. Regardless of whether general or hazardous waste, we pursue the best worldwide practices in waste handling, sorting and disposal.


In order to determine the extent of cleaning your building requires, we examine your property and furnish you with a report custom fitted to your needs. We utilize a water-fed pole system, intended to clean even the most challenging facades and surfaces effectively. Utilizing pure water pressure, mud, dust, built-up dirt, bird drop- pings and other blemishes are expelled from the facades.

In case a special solution is required, we test it first as not to harm the surface’s material or cause the color to fade. By limiting our utilization of special solutions, we lessen damage to the environment, without settling on the quality of the results. We also provide other solutions for cleaning critical facades, including the utilization of a crane or rope.

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Industrial Cleaning

Whether it’s the front desk, the warehouse or the factory floor itself, we provide you with everything you need to clean your factory, including the equip- ment, expertise and experience to get the job done right. Our team of experts will convey industrial clean- ing services to the widest range of industries with modern equipment, no matter how difficult or com- plicated. We design cleaning schedules and services based on your specific needs, considering site-specif- ic differences, your spending limit and your goals.

Water Tanks

Our team of specialists provide the best water tank cleaning service. We routinely clean a large number of water tanks over the Emirates on a monthly basis and our procedure is in line with the best expectations in the region.

Our services include:

  • Tank drainage
  • Removal & dislodging of residue
  • Decontamination & drying
  • Refilling

Our specialists will guarantee you have access to clean, safe and clear water. We facilitate with approved laboratories to test samples of water.

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Hospitality & Concierge Services 1
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Hospitality &
Concierge Services

We offer hospitality and concierge services to a number of customers in their offices and events. Ourhospitality staff is experienced and realize that dealing with customers and visitors is a key part of their role.

We likewise provide them with regular and profes- sional training so they stay up to date with the most recent hospitality and customer experience practices.