Hard Services


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, delivered by skilled and experienced engineers. We are likewise authorized to operate and maintain LV/HV systems and power genera- tors. Our exceptionally qualified in-house teams are specialists in operating, maintaining, upkeeping and repair- ing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems ranging from chiller plants, cooling towers, district cooling plants and air-handling units to domestic air conditioners. They are constantly monitoring, operating and maintaining Building Management System (BMS) Chiller Management System (CMS) and Energy Management System (EMS).

Civil Maintenance 2
Civil Maintenance 1


Our wide scope of civil services includes interior and exterior painting, construction work, fixtures, snagging and refurbishment. Our specialized teams are experts in repairing and remodeling walls, floors, ceilings and doors. In addition, we offer waterproofing and weatherproofing services for building elements exposed to nature and climate.

Kitchen &
Laundry Maintenance

We deal with all maintenance work required to keep your kitchen and laundry equipment operating in good working order at all times without any interruption. Our highly skilled team additionally provides repairs, maintenance and preventive maintenance checks on all laundry and kitchen equipment in hotels. We additionally offer status and equipment audit reports to ensure timely action is taken in anticipation of potential risks.

Kitchen & Laundry System 2
Kitchen & Laundry System 1
Specialized System 2
Specialized System 1


We are qualified, authorized and licensed to operate, maintain and repair fire alarm and control systems, elevators, CCTV systems, gate barriers and low voltage (ELV) systems. Our engineers are experienced in all types of brands and their systems. We also provide annual maintenance service contracts as well as emergency response to customer needs.

Sustainability and
Environmental Management

For the best energy management solutions, our energy management expert will visit your premises and assess the facility thoroughly; this helps identify opportunities to reduce energy utilization for water, elec- tricity and air-conditioning in order to propose a workable solution to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. We accomplish your energy needs by analyzing your usage of energy and utilities.

We additionally provide solutions to reduce energy waste and manage building utilities in the most efficient ways without any capital expenditures by identifying the root causes and educating users. Lastly, we recommend capital programs which reduce energy consumption and increase operating efficiency.

Sustainability and Environmental Management 2
Sustainability and Environmental Management 1