Facilities Management Services

Asset Lifecycle

We ensure all our buildings and assets are assessed in a convenient way, as per international standards, so as to expand the reliability of our facilities, lessen operation cost and extend the period of uninterrupted use of assets, enabling customers to enjoy a superior experience.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Contracts Management


We provide you, and on your behalf, full integrated facilities services so you do not have to worry about your facility operations at all. In order to be fully focused on your core business, we negotiate, support, procure, administer and manage all the contracts effectively.

We likewise ensure all the terms and conditions comply with legal and statutory requirements and serve the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance while reducing risk.

Health & Safety

We believe that quality outcomes from great planning, a skilled workforce, well-defined procedures and methods; all within a safe and secure environment. We strive to continually improve our customers’ internal operations in order to better secure the health and safety of residents, employees and subcontractors and to likewise convey and recom- mend value added services. We are committed on giving quality, health and safety over the entirety of your organiza- tion operations, as well as to the daily lives of all our partners.

We have qualified and experienced teams striving to guarantee the safety, protection and health of our people and fa- cilities to the best expectations. These teams also provide continuity and emergency management as well as develop and test disaster recovery plans at regular intervals to achieve better compliance.

Quality Health & Safety
Construction Handover Management

Handover Management

We offer facilities management procedures from the beginning of the construction phase, ensuring that it takes operational requirements into account. We can likewise provide you with handover management, warranties management, preparation and receiving of executed charges as well as operating and mainte- nance manuals and asset records. We likewise manage warranties for various systems and buildings.

These procedures ensure your assets are handed over with complete documentation, asset management and lifecycle management plans with zero hassle to you.

Computer Aided Facilities (CAFM) Solution

Our CAFM system enables facility managers to plan, implement and monitor all activities related to premise management, asset management, responsive or planned preventative maintenance, operational facility services, room reservations and any other customer service requirement.

Ultimately, the information provided by CAFM allows managers to develop long-term planning of space, facilities, maintenance, services and budgets to ensure all essential business requirements.

Computer Aided Facilities (CAFM) Solution
Help Desk & Customer Service 1

Help Desk &
Customer Service

Our best in class 24/7 helpdesk gives our customers with peace of mind and swift solutions to their daily problems. Our multilingual and experienced staff en- sures they follow a professional approach with all cus- tomers, understand their needs and ensure they get the required services in a timely manner.

Our customer service team also provides leasing, rent- ing and real estate services across the industry.