Safety in Heat Campaign

Workers Village and Hirmas Al Saadiyat Village receive Awards of the Best Residential Villages in the UAE

Hosted at Workers Village, Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHAD) announced today, May 26th 2016, the “Safety in Heat” program. This program promotes the occupational safety awareness for employees and stakeholders in all the entities to which the law prohibiting work at noon - enacted by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation - is applicable. Among the participation of various staff accommodation cities, Workers Village and Hirmas Al Saadiyat Village was awarded “The Best Residential Villages” throughout the United Arab Emirates.

This law prohibits work in direct sunlight and under high temperatures in open places from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm for a three-month span, from June 15th to September 15th.

The Safety in Heat program contains guidelines and recommendations for managing heat stress resulting from direct exposure to the sun. Employees who work for long periods in open places may suffer from numerous occupational illnesses and injuries, including heat stress potentially leading to sun stroke, heat exhaustion, fainting, and/or skin rash. In addition, high temperatures may cause injury among personnel due to sweaty palms and nausea.

The aim of the campaign is to inform expatriates of their rights and privileges as workers in the UAE and to ensure that they are able to maintain a healthy, safe and congruous workplace environment.