Frequently Asked Questions

1Is your Village approved by UAE Governmental Authorities?
Yes, we are 100% authorized and approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations, ZonesCorp, and Department of Municipal & Transport Affairs.
2What types of room categories do you offer?
We offer accommodation for Labour, Technicians, Supervisors and Managers.
3What are the room sizes?
All our room sizes meet the ZonesCorp requirements. In case you would like to know more about the rooms, you may check the profile of the village or call one of our customer representatives for details.
4What are the furnishings inside the room?
All our rooms are fully furnished. The furniture differs from one category to another.
5What services do offer?
In addition to our accommodation and housekeeping services, we provide premiumquality catering, laundry, and safe and secure facilities.
6Do you allow short term contracts?
We offer on addendum contracts. However, there should be 1-year contract in place.
7What are your payment terms?
Typically, we abide by annual and semi-annual advancement payment for all services.However, payment methods can be negotiable based on contract requirements.
8What are the procedures for signing a contract with Mayar?
Mayar have taken the initiative to minimize the number of paperwork and procedure to sign a contract. The documents required to be submitted are:

• A copy of a valid Trade License / Industrial License.
• A copy of a valid Chamber of Commerce Certificate.
• A copy of a valid passport of the signatory.
• A copy of a valid Power of Attorney of signatory.
• A copy of a valid Specimen of Signature of the authorized signatory
• The file number held by the Ministry of Human Resources.
9Do you offer cooking facilities inside the rooms?
There are no cooking facilities except in apartments of Old Dining Building, Managerial Units, Village Mall and Residential Flats in Workers Village.
10Do you provide catering services?
Yes, we offer 9-different cuisines of freshly-cooked meals from our central kitchen inside the Village managed by our sister company Tamween Hospitality.
11How many meals do you offer?
Our service includes 3 meals a day. In addition, we serve 10 protein meals per week to workers category and 14 protein meals per week for technicians and supervisors categories. In case you would like to change the terms, you may contact the customer care representative.
12Do you provide food delivery services to the site?
Yes, we provide this service with an extra charge, according to contract agreement.
13What cuisines does your menu offer?
We cater to all nationalities (Asians, Arabs, Africans and Europeans) by providing a wide range of menus based on their regional background, in addition to our special menu for the Holy month of Ramadan.
14Are the residents allowed to bring food from outside to the village?
As per the rules and regulations of our village, rooms do not have this facility in order to maintain a highly hygienic place for accommodation and avoid a rodent-friendly environment. However, snack and beverages are allowed.
15Do you offer laundry services?
Yes, twice weekly door to door delivery with unlimited quantity.
16Is it possible to provide daily laundry service for our staff?
Yes, it will depend on agreement of the service (additional charge).
17Do you offer transportation?
No, we do not provide this service at the moment, however our sister companies can arrange transportation services based on an initial agreement.
18Does the village include parking areas?
Yes, we provide ample parking spaces surrounding the village.
19Do you allow accommodation for subcontractors?
Yes, however it requires ZonesCorp approval to accommodate them. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the contract.
20Do you provide leisure activities in the villages?
Yes, we provide different types of recreation facilities including a sports complex in all our villages.
21Are there any shops inside the village?
Yes, there are diverse shops that serve the residents such as barber shops, electronics,cafes, gift shops etc…
22What are the procedures required if we do not wish to renew the contract?
The termination of a contract requires a No-Objection Letter from ZonesCorp. The procedure also requires submitting all necessary documentations (official request from your company), 60 days grace period prior to contract expiry date.
23What are the procedures if we’d like to reduce the number of staff mentioned in the contract?
To reduce the agreed number of staff in a contract, a No-Objection Letter from ZonesCorp is required in addition to acknowledge the number of employees remaining. The procedure also requires submitting all necessary documentations (official request from your company), 60 grace period days prior to contract expiry date.
24If we’d like to apply for a visa quota, what is the procedure?
Initially an approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is required. Upon approval, you need to create an accommodation contract with us with a maximum of 30 days allowance to be submitted to Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for final approval of visas.
25Do you offer a contract for accommodation only?
Yes, it is available in one of our village in Mafraq area, Abu Dhabi (Al Raha Village).
26Are private vehicles allowed inside the village?
Yes, residents of supervisor category are allowed to park their cars inside the village of Mussafah, Abu Dhabi (Workers Village).
27Are residents allowed in bringing visitors inside the rooms?
Yes, however only male visitors are allowed inside the village until Midnight (12:00 AM).
28Do you provide internet facilities?
Yes, we provide Wi-Fi connection in multiple client packages.
29Do you host events/activities inside the village?
30Are payment refund options applicable?
Yes, this option is granted only for catering and laundry services depending on the type of contract agreement.
31Do you accept monthly payments?
Yes, depending on contract value and number of requirements. We offer flexible

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